It's crazy when you think how much stuff we buy for our homes. The thing is, no matter what you buy there are so many different types to choose from.  What works better, the options that come with it, the list goes on.  Obviously we all want nice things and the one that gives us the most versatility and options for our money.


One of the things that I use every single day is cookware.  You can go crazy trying to figure out which one is the best to have.  There are just so many choices out there.  Sometimes simple is just best. Revere Copper Confidence Core 7-piece Stainless Steel Cookware set is simple yet practical.  It comes with a 1.5-qt sauce pan with lid, 2-qt sauce pan with lid, 10″ frying pan, and a 5-qt dutch oven with lid.  It even has measurement marks on it which I love because it saves me from having to use and clean a measuring cup! Plus, I have gotten into using an induction cooktop especially in the summer when I do not want to stand over a hot stove and I cannot tell you how many times I have to take a magnet to see if it will stick to a certain pot or pan (and it usually doesn't on my first try and I have to try a different one) but this obviously being stainless steel is a no-brainer and of course it sticks and I never have to “check” or search for one that does. I can even put it on my grill so it really is versatile and can be used for pretty much everything.  Dishwasher safe too!


Another must have for my kitchen is knives.  All the prepping done for cooking you need a good knife.  PRIME by Chicago Cutlery knives first work great, nice and sharp and something I never realized was that if a knife is not sharp, that is when you can actually get hurt because the knife is not working as it intended.  You really should just push down and the knife should do all the work for you, you should not have to struggle to cut something because that is when you can cut yourself.  I always thought a sharp knife was worse but in actuality it is a dull knife that is your enemy in the kitchen.  These knives also come in a nice block so it is out there and I do not have to search through a drawer for a knife to use among all my other stuff in there. The handles also fit my fingers so I do not have to worry about slipping or losing my grip either.


Now after the cooking is done and food is ready to be served, or maybe even having company and waiting for the food to be all ready, I serve drinks.  The cutest thing is the Brannon Celtic Monogram Pub Glasses with Serving Tray.  It holds the four glasses which come with it (20 ounce pub style, and  they are engraved with a name and initial so you can literally have one for each member of the family and they will know which glass is “theirs” and not use anyone else's –  or maybe it is just me who has a glass I always use and nobody else better touch it, now there is no mistaken which one is mine!).  You can use chalk to write on the paddle if you want to write a nice message for your guests or family.  I use this a lot, even for my kids with their water or iced tea or lemonade and I do not have to juggle all the glasses or make trips.

Now I am going to move into adult time.  After a long day at work and then cooking dinner, I want to relax with a well deserved nightcap.   I am sure this is very common and I know a lot of men who drink whiskey as a nightcap.  If you enjoy whiskey or know someone who does, the perfect addition would be a whiskey decanter. This one is shaped like a diamond and has an oak stand which is so pretty you do not mind leaving it out for easy access to the whiskey.  Just grab it and pour, no muss, no fuss. It turned out to be a great conversation piece too. It really goes with anything so I did not have to worry about where to put it (or not) because it looks very nice on my table and when I have company I can move it to my coffee table and it looks just as nice there, nicer than a bottle just sitting there.

Now I have made my life easier and spruced up my home at the same time!

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