If there is one thing Ray loves is his coffee. The first thing he does is make a cup, as soon as he wakes up.  Gettysburg coffee is one of the best, gourmet coffees he's had in a while.  When he brewed the first cup, I had to have some and we ended up making a pot.

All of the coffees are packed in high quality, foil lined bags that are heat sealed with a one-way valve to ensure freshness.  Each bag also has a resealable tape to help maintain freshness while you are enjoying your coffee.  The beans are a blend from central and South Africa, Guardian blend is a dark roast which produces a wonderful aroma with a bittersweet and full bodied taste. For reference, this would be akin to a “Seattle” blend coffee.

They are locally hand roasted in small batches and then packaged to ensure the freshest and most aromatic cup of coffee you can imagine.These coffees are produced with both natural and artificial flavors to provide you with the most outstanding taste and aromatic experience possible. This is great tasting aromatic coffee, tastes as good as it smells from the first cup to the last.


Connoisseur coffee blends and mugs –coffee made from the finest high mountain, shade-grown beans and hand roasted in small batches by the Great Gettysburg Coffee Company™. Enthusiasts can even satisfy individual tastes by choosing from the Guardian, a dark roast offering a wonderful aroma with bittersweet, full-bodied taste; the President, a medium roast with a hint of dark roast that ensures a rich taste, medium acidity, and smooth flavor; and the Quartermaster, a splendid, aromatic blend of cinnamon, pecan, chestnut and rum


Gettysburg is certainly a historic centerpiece, but we also want people to recognize the welcoming small town spirit that it offers in abundance. While you may come for the history, we want you to stay for the hospitality



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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds very good. I would love to visit there one day. So much history. Thank you for sharing this product

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