Charleston, South Carolina, named for the English King Charles II, is one of America’s most historic cities with not only centuries of heritage, but also oodles of natural beauty and modern fun for the whole family. Let’s take a look at the top sites to see in Charleston.

1 – Take a Walking Tour!

Whatever kind of tour you’re looking for, be it historic, cultural, paranormal, artistic, pirate-based — you’re sure to get it! This is one of the best ways to take in and appreciate the city. At around $20 per person on average, it’s good value as you not only learn about this amazing pla but also soak in the sights in ways that stuffy museums just can’t match.


2 – Take a Boat Tour

If your feet are tired from walking, then take a load off and enjoy views of Charleston from the sea! You’ll get winning views of Charleston harbor, and may even be lucky enough to get an on-tour visit from the local dolphin population. It’s a great one-stop way to take in some of the more famous historic sites such as The Battery, Waterfront Park, Fort Sumter and others. Tours range from about $25 to $55 for adult tickets, with quality and levels of local knowledge varying. It’s good to shop around and see what’s on offer before taking a boat captain up on their offer!


3 – The Battery

Anyone in the mood for a proper sunset or inspiration to paint or photograph, then the Battery is the place for you. What was once the heart of the city’s maritime activity is now a stunning scenic playground featuring some of the most picturesque southern-style homes you’re ever likely to see. Hop onto Bus 211 to get down to the Battery.


4 – A History Buff’s Paradise

The city of Charleston is a living museum to history in so many ways, and any of the above attractions will help you gain a good overview of what’s on offer. Particular historical highlights include the Fort Sumter National Monument, site of the first battle of the Civil War, as well as the Hunley, the museum dedicated to the first successful combat submarine built, which mysteriously vanished back in 1864. After being rediscovered in 2000, it is now a great local attraction!


5 – Folly Beach

After all that walking, boating and exploring in Charleston, you’ll likely need a break. Head down to Folly Beach for safe waters, sandy beaches and family fun for the whole day. You’ll find ideal picnic spots, great places just to sit and look out at the ocean or read a book, and a place to reflect on the amazing time you’ve had in Charleston, South Carolina.


Charleston isn’t just a friendly historic city with a famous dance named for it, it’s your ideal next vacation destination. We’re ready to welcome you to sunny Charleston!

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