We all want to keep our family in optimum health. However, with all the conflicting information out there on how this should be achieved, it can be very confusing to know what to do. It can seem like one minute something is recommended, the next it’s frowned upon or even warned against.


This post aims to provide families with simple and clear information on what we think are six of the best things they can do to protect and improve their health. There’s not always science involved; a bit of intuition and common sense can go a long way!


Of course, every family’s needs are different, and it’s up to you to choose the way you wish to look after yours. However, we hope that you find these suggestions helpful and that you can apply them to the benefit of your family.


Let’s take a look shall we?


  1. Improve your diet


When it comes to looking after your family, eating healthy is one of the main areas where there is a lot of conflicting information and differing opinions. There is always a new warning on foods or cooking methods that cause cancer and other diseases, and a new opinion on the healthiest way to eat. It’s extremely difficult to keep up!


The easiest way, we think, of approaching your family diet is to provide one that is well balanced. We know that fresh and natural ingredients like fruit, vegetables, nuts, pulses and grains are good for us. And it is recommended that they form the majority of what our families eat. Protein and dairy are thought to cause problems in large quantities. Having said that, they contain vital nutrients that we need and that our children require to grow up strong and healthy. So good quality meat, fish and dairy should be included, but on a lesser scale.

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Ingredients like refined sugar, salt and saturated fat are found in most ready-made items. These are thought to be damaging to our health and addictive, so it is advised that we keep them to a minimum. Try to cook as many family meals from scratch so that you know exactly what has gone into them.


  1. Spend more time outside


We live in a very technocentric culture. While this has brought with it many benefits, it also means that more and more people are spending time engaging with technology rather than with nature. Because most of these devices operate indoors, consequently we are spending most of our time inside. We can already see the negative impact that this is having on adults and children. These effects include  obesity, lack of social skills, back and neck pain, anxiety and attention issues.


Being outside is beneficial for your families health. Vitamin D has many important functions, including keeping our bones and teeth strong and healthy. It also helps children develop their motor skills and encourages an interest in nature.


While we are not suggesting you lock up the TV, computer and smartphone for good, we do think it is important to make an effort to spend a decent amount of time outside with your family. Some good ways to encourage more outside fun include improving the look and feel of your yard, going for family bike rides or walks, camping and picnics at the beach or park.


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  1. Exercise regularly


Regular exercise is also important for the whole family. Twenty to thirty minutes is recommended as the minimum per day. There are plenty of fun activities you can enjoy as a family including tennis, cycling and walking the dog. And as they all take place outdoors, you can kill two birds with one stone!


  1. Get a good doctor


Another great thing you can do for your family’s health is to find an excellent doctor. Finding the right physician will take a bit of time and effort. This may involve visiting a few clinics and scheduling a number of face-to-face meetings with potential doctors before you choose. Additionally, you may need to find more than one doctor to deal with the individual requirements of family members. For example, a pediatrician will be the best option for your children while you and your partner may wish to find an age management specialist like Dr George Shapiro. Your aim should be to find a health care professional that you feel comfortable with and who understands the particular needs of your family.


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  1. Mindfulness


Stress and anxiety are major problems in modern living. If ignored, they can cause a number of different long-term physical and mental conditions. One of the ways that people are being taught how to deal with the stress of everyday life is through mindfulness. This practice encourages people to pay attention to the present moment through techniques such as meditation and yoga. It’s about being more aware of your thoughts and sensations at the present moment so that you become better at dealing with them, rather than being overwhelmed by them. A lot of people have found this technique very effective at managing and relieving stress and improving their quality of life.


And this isn’t just a practice that is important for adults. Children get stressed too, and it is really helpful to teach them these sorts of techniques from a young age. This will mean they are better prepared to deal with the trials and tribulations as they grow up.


  1. Fun


And last, but certainly not least, have fun! Spending quality time with each other and doing things that you all love to do is a great way to improve the health and overall happiness of your family. So, try to arrange a fun activity to do at least once a week like going to the cinema to see something funny, playing games in the garden or splashing around in the swimming pool.


We hope that you have found this post helpful. Thank you for stopping by to our blog and we hope you come back again soon for more.


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