Every hybrid bike and women’s beach cruiser on sixthreezero is truly a sight to see.  The bikes come in stylish colors influenced by the image-conscious culture of Southern California.  Even the comfort bikes, better known for their practicality than their looks, look like they deserve 15 minutes of fame.  But almost any bike can be made to look fabulous with enough customization.  What really sets sixthreezero bikes apart from their competition is how comfortable it is to ride them.

What Is a Comfort Bike?

You have probably seen comfort bikes before, even if you didn’t know them by that name.  In the old days, they were called roadsters.  In some European countries, comfort bikes for men and women are called “Grandpa bikes” and “Grandma bikes.”  Comfort bikes are designed for riding on paved roads, which makes them popular in urban areas.  Many people who ride their bikes to work, especially outside the United States, ride comfort bikes.  Their frame shape and wide tires are inspired by mountain bikes, and they make the bikes quite stable.  Women’s comfort bikes have a step-through frame with a low top tube.  That was originally so women in the early 20th century could ride the bikes while wearing long skirts.  Even today, women who wear skirts at work can commute on their comfort bikes without having to change clothes at work.

Comfort Isn’t Just for Comfort Bikes

Many of sixthreezero’s bikes are beach cruisers or hybrid bikes.  Whether you want the bike for fun, fitness, or commuting to work, comfort is sixthreezero’s top priority.  If a bike is uncomfortable, you will not enjoy riding it.  Likewise, if it is comfortable, you will enjoy the ride.  Then the bike can help you get in shape, save money on parking, or reduce your carbon footprint.

A comfortable bike is your ticket to fitness and fun.

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I love the idea of a comfortable bike ride. These are so nice. Thank you so much for sharing these. God Bless

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