The Skin Saints 3-in-1 Detox Mask

I hate that I have such poor skin quality. Going out in public is embarrassing! Especially when I have to go to doctor’s visits and they have to look closely at my skin. I feel really uncomfortable, because all I can think of is, are they looking at my acne? Can they tell I have acne scars? Do they think my skin is hideous? It’s a painful experience to have to live through since I put myself through such distress. Washing my face alone with soap and water is not enough. I need a skin care regimen that is specifically designed to treat my problems, not just provide basic treatment that really isn’t so effective. Turning to the Skin Saint, is God Send!

The Skin Saint has a three in one detox max that is cakey in texture and wonderful to use on my face. It actually works in helping alleviate my acne. Even though my face is oily, this mask is actually recommended for all skin types. It detoxifies the skin with its key ingredient, which is sulfur. This mask contains ten percent sulfur, white charcoal powder and kaolin. The ingredients together, allow for oil absorption, removing impurities and other toxic dirt from your face.

Skin Saint’s Detox max works! It takes time to produce clear skin. It takes me about a week to notice a difference. But without using this skin care regimen, I would not see such results. My acne breakouts are noticeably less. Inherently, this detox max treats acne as well as helps prevent them from occurring. Its interesting that even though the key ingredient is sulfur, there is no smell of rotten eggs. In fact, it has a mildly pleasant smell that I don’t mind at all.

To use the Skin Saint Detox max, you first have to apply it to a clean dry face. Next you add just a small enough layer to cover your entire face. Let it sit for fifteen minutes to really have time to absorb in your skin. Be careful not to let it sit longer than fifteen minutes, because your skin can become too dry. I would recommend using it just once a week, unless you feel its necessary to use it more often. But as always, you can speak with your doctor about this. After, wash your face clean. Then follow up with your regular moisturizer.

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