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I am always on the look out for the latest and greatest tools and accessories for my kitchen and home. I have be come more aware of what I use since I have had my son . I look for things more earth friendly and recyclable and that will last for a long time.

Skoy is one of those products that I have found and love. Skoy was started by three women in California and they have come up with three products that will make cleaning the kitchen a whole lot better, easier, fun. The three product that they have are the Magnetic sink rail that clicks onto any stainless steel sink and the scrubbies that are awesome and the cleaning clothes that you can clean and then let dry .

The Magnetic Sink Rail is awesome. You just take it out the box and attach it to what ever side of the sink you want it to be on. You can then use it to hang your wash rags, on so that they can dry . You can hang the cleaning clothes on them as well which is great . If you ever need to take the rack out just pull it off and you can go on with whatever you have to do.

The Cleaning Clothes are awesome. They are so easy to use and to clean. You can use these to clean your dishes and to clean the counters and stove and rinse them out and then hang it on the metal rack and they dry pretty quick which also cuts way down on the odor and the germs that can build up. When your done using them just toss them in your washer and then in the dryer then you have a new cleaning rag and save a tone of money.

Now the  Skoy Scrub are so awesome. They are bigger than normal scrubbies and are a lot stronger and last a long time. You can use these on those hard to clean spots and on the counters for those tough spots. Same with them you just rinse them out let them dry and there you go a clean awesome sponge. You can also throw these in the washer and dryer and have a nice clean sanitized scrubby for next time.

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Are you looking to add fun and friendly kitchen items  to your kitchen ? Then look no further these are the best you are going to find.