Sleep.  I never get enough.  I literally can fall asleep most of the time okay (although there are times when I am staring at the ceiling and feel like I will never fall asleep) but I cannot seem to sleep for more than a few hours in a clip.  Once I wake up, since I’m up I decide to maybe get something to snack on, or watch TV, or check my emails, or play a game, and then I’m up for a while, if I can fall back asleep I am up again in a few hours, and before I know it, it is time to get up for my day and I am so tired that I want to sleep at 6 pm and if I do fall asleep, I’m up by 8 and then forget about falling asleep later!

It just seems that as soon as my head hits the pillow, my mind starts racing.  It’s like I’ve been up for 16 hours, you couldn’t think of these things at all then?!  I even resorted to try sleeping pills – all it did for me when I did wake up was make me feel like I was drugged and it took forever to wear off – I want to wake up refreshed.  If I’m going to be tired anyway, feeling drugged is just making it 100% worse.  That’s where Sleep Easily comes in.


Sleep Easily is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy.  It walks you through 5 physical triggers to get you to sleep.  Most of the time it takes less than 20 minutes to fall asleep, OR fall back to sleep.

The Sleep Easily package includes:

  • Sleep Easily state-of-the-art mini-audio player with built-in high-quality speaker.
  • Four sleep recordings and three free supplemental recordings. Considered the most effective in sleep medicine, include both a male and female voice version and also soothing sounds without voiceovers.
  • Sleep Easily eyeshades– Block the light when you want to sleep in darkness.
  • Specialized earplugs
  • SleepGuide Book and summary card


Sleep Easily uses an MP3 player because with apps on cell phones you are actually doing more harm because if you have your cell phone in bed with you, you are more likely to start getting distracted and checking your email or websites or even playing those games. After a time you won’t even need the recordings anymore and your body will just do it on its own.  Naturally, without medication.  They even have a 30 day money back guarantee.  Check Sleep Easily out for yourself, also available on Amazon .


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