SleeperHeroSleeperHero can become your child's best friend. In the book that arrives with your doll, you can read the story of Luke to your child. Luke struggles with staying in his bed each night, then one night he is introduced this doll. Ok this is not just any old doll, he is a super special doll – a SleeperHero1230151726a

He will become your child's buddy that will help them stay in their own bed. He has a special light on his chest that shines bright throughout the night, this special light wards off any bad guys or monsters that may be lurking in the dark corner of their bedroom. You can program the light to change from red to green – if it is red that lets your child know it is bedtime – time to stay in bed and rest – when it turns green that is their signal to get up and start their day/


On the back of your doll, lift the fabric flap and insert 2AA batteries. Press the button above set until a light is on for the clock time. Set your time – sleep and wake time. This is like an alarm clock but instead of an alarm it is the light in his chest that changes.

Push the button on the chest and when the clock displays a time during SLEEP mode the chest button will be RED. Push the button again to turn off, when the clock displays a time during AWAKE mode, the button will be green. The light turns off automatically after 15 minutes of not being pushed.

SleeperHeroMy grandson is the one that we have trouble keeping in his bed throughout the night. He absolutely LOVES his SleeperHero. He is so soft and cuddly, yet he is a hero and comes out if someone tries to sneak into his room and does all types of karate on the bad guy or monster. He really likes the fact that he has a cape, a purple cape, and he has named him Donnie. Donnie has become his run around buddy and is always with him.

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