What is it about our, old pillows that make it hard for us to find the perfect pillow when we need too. Are you like me and hate to get rid of the flat and comfortable ones. The Eden pillow is the pillow for you and here is why,  beautiful comfort, doesn't go flat, and still holds soft and comfortable for my heavy head. Super nice quality and nice looking pillow cover.

They do come shrink wrapped but just follow the simple instructions and I do mean simple and you'll have a superior pillow to rest your head on. The smell from the being new is mild and fades quickly. In fact, I thought it smelled fresh and new. Designed to breath and stretch, the soft, luxurious cover is easy to maintain, machine washable and hypoallergenic. 

The Eden pillow is simply the most amazing pillow I've owned, the liner is where the memory foam lives. While keeping everything together, punch, squeeze, push, or pull the foam to get your desired shape with ease thanks to the interlock fabric, which gives the liner two-way stretch giving you no restrictions and excellent breathability.



It will take a few tries of adding and removing foam but once you do, it's like sleeping on clouds.  Patience is the key if you need to add or remove foam, do it in small amounts each night and you will achieve your most comfortable level.  The blend of memory foam is designed to give you the perfect balance of soft and supportive, only this time it’s crosscut with microfiber and gel infused to keep you cooler longer while still giving you a down-like feel with support only memory foam can provide. The shredded properties make it breathable and allow the pillow to adjust to your needs, letting you add or remove as much foam as your heart desires.

Would  I highly recommend this Eden pillow?  From the zippers to the stitching to the shape and design, everything is durable and high quality.



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