When it comes to my phone, I am always looking for the next best phone case, we want to make sure to protect our phones from everything. With no need for batteries, connectors, or charging, the SlimType’s unique, easy-touch portable NFC keyboard is ideal for reading and responding to e-mails and text messages, taking quick notes on an airplane, in meetings or classes.

Keep your phone safe with SlimType super slim, protective textile cover. Without even the need for batteries or wires! SlimType smart cover is designed to fit in your pocket, purse or jacket, taking minimum space.

This case is great and for those of us who live on the phone, when we are driving I can write up a post and save it for later. As a blogger, we are constantly on our phones, and answering emails. Take advantage of your phone`s full-size screen and manage your emails, web-applications and extra features comfortable.

SlimType NFC keyboard is designed for smooth touch and fast typing. SlimType is excellent to bring in meetings or classes, for taking notes or writing messages, with no need for batteries, connectors, wires or charging. The set up was instant, and I had no issues using this amazing keyboard. SlimType interactive smart cover is now available in Cherry Red, Black Sapphire and White Pearl.

Featuring a comfortable textile surface, the SlimType cover pairs with your Galaxy S6 via NFC (you'll have to download a dedicated app from Google Play to actually use it).The QWERTY keyboard includes various hotkeys for fast access to email, calendar, contacts, and Web applications. Presumably, the SlimType keyboard will help you reply faster to emails and text messages, in addition to taking notes faster.

The super slim SlimType protective smart cover fits easily in a pocket, purse or jacket. This is great for just grabbing and taking with us. The slim line is awesome and this is what I been looking for. 

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