Slipcover Chair Beautification

I love it when I can redecorate my home. It makes me feel like I have traveled without doing so and there is a newness in my home. It really makes the difference to add a touch of decor to the house that can change the mood and the ambiance. Sometimes, a simple slip cover whether it be for a couch, chair, or dinning chair, can make you feel good about entering a room. The Slipcover Company is a unique site with a beautiful collection of slipcovers.

The Slipcover Company has a myriad of choices when it comes to picking out a cover for your couch or chair. Things that can be customized when ordering from this store are choosing common type colors like: red, blue, natural, tan, white, floral, black, khaki, yellow, green, grey, and brown. Then choosing which type of length; long or short, then a style; like kick pleat or ruffled.

I was able to decorate a chair in my home with the Cabana Stripe Collection Dining Chair. It is colored with patterned lines of navy and white. The look is designed for a dining chair that is short. I don’t have a dining chair that fits this mold exactly, because the length is eight by eight by two inches. The back was a lot longer than I needed, but the beauty is that ability to fold the excess flap. I’m sure if I had a dining chair, then this would look wonderful on it. The quality is a very durable canvas type cloth. It is thick, weighing two pounds. Also, it is one-hundred percent cotton as well as machine washable.

The slip covers are ideal for weddings and holiday parties when you are looking for an elegant touch. As for the dining chair slipcover, there are ribbons at the back to tie into a bow. It makes the chair look like a present. The Slipcover Company also offers pillows, daybed covers, pet covers, and car covers.

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