What do you get the men in your lives, when it comes to gifts. They have everything, I needed to find something they didn't have and that was different. And I have with Time Slippers, these are amazing slippers that can be worn outside like shoes or sneakers.

Men's Mid-top Slippers



What makes Time Slippers so different is the way they are made, stretch laces and flexible outsoles. Not to mention the plush wool lining and the yoga mat insoles. These are made to be comfortable and recharge, the way you spend your life.

The worlds first pair of functional slippers, use them as both slippers and shoes. Bringing relaxation to a whole new meaning. My nephew will love these shoes, they look so comfortable and easy to get on and off without any issues. They will the perfect shoe for him to wear daily, not just inside. These are made to be worn all the time, he will definitely have some warm feet, when its cold out in PA.

When looking I was sold on the mid-top pair, these are the perfect ones,  black and white leather. They feel so soft too. These are made from Luxurious Italian leather crafted into handmade slippers. With 10mm stretch laces, there is no tying necessary. You'll wonder why you ever had shoe strings in the first place

Plush natural fibers keep you warm when it's cold and wick moisture to keep your feet cozy and comfortable. They have slippers for woman and babies too.

Baby Slips

  • Easy elastic opening to slip on and off
  • 100% premium leather
  • Soft soles suitable for infants and toddlers
  • No lining
  • No insole

Women's Mid-top Slippers



From what I can tell these slippers look so nice and comfy, he will definitely love them. The mid-cut slipper was definitely the most popular and the design of the shoe was more appealing to the younger guys, and girls .



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