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Slow Cooker Zen

The Zen of Slow Cooking. I really like using my slow cooker. I have actually inherited two slow cookers. One from my mom when she passed and one from my father in law when he passed. Plus, I already had one. I refuse to get rid of any of them. They come in so handy. If I am busy running errands or cleaning house I put something together and put it in the slow cooker to cook all day and I can do what I need to do and not worry about having to cook supper. At least, if I don’t if I am not making anything extra. Which I have learned how to make some sides in a slow cooker also which is one fo the reasons I will not give up any of my slow cookers.

The Ground Spice Blends are the zen of slow cooking favorites for everyday use. These blends provide the flavor foundations for simple recipes from around the world.

The Whole Spice Infusions are hand crafted, small batch, exclusive website products. The Moroccan Tagine and Mulling Spices are the zen of slow cooking’s signature blends of spices. Using whole spices makes this product one of a kind because the pure and natural essential oils contained in these botanics release their flavors optimally over the long, slow cooking period in a slow cooker or a Crock Pot.


Our farmers’ market customers requested a blend for a beef recipe. In response we created Daube Provençale, a natural sequel to our Coq au Vin. The result is a melt in your mouth rich beef stew cooked gently and slowly in red wine with a twist of orange. Daube Provençale is an excellent choice for a weekend supper after a day out, left to cook all day. After a bracing winter’s day on a Lake Michigan beach it’s a welcome dinner.

Serve with a basket of crusty french bread and a simple tomato salad with balsamic dressing. A tall glass of orange and club soda or a glass of a California Cabernet or Bordeaux. This is the way my husband and I like to serve up this particular stew. It is so good paired up like this.

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