Despite a great skincare routine, I am in my 30s and have noticed the emergence of wrinkles and lines that were not there before. They are mostly on my forehead, around the mouth and neck. Even though, I have come to terms with the inevitability of visible signs of aging, it doesn’t mean that I can’t try to slow it down. 

Caused by loss of collagen, sun exposure, facial expressions and more — wrinkles and any visible aging are best tackled with gentle age reversal tools or processes. For me, it’s important that my skin care arsenal is affordable, too. Developed and researched over two years, Intellinesse Facial Smoothing Petals are a smart way to attack aging skin.

A simple addition to any skin care regimen, Petals are the answer because they are gentle, clean, and nearly invisible. Petals won't clog pores. They lock moisture in, prevent lines from deepening and forming, and re-train skin and underlying facial muscles to lay flat again. Ultimately, they leave you with smooth, hydrated and wrinkle-free skin while you sleep. Worn overnight, Petals provide just enough pressure to lock in moisture, hold your skin in place, and retrain skin and underlying muscles to relax and lie flat.

Intellinesse 102 Facial Smoothing Petals 

  • Package contains six individual sheets, with seventeen petals on each sheet. Each sheet has one universal “petal” shape in three sizes for use on different areas of the skin. Simply peel, stick and get your beauty sleep.

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