We love to get rabbits, fun and exciting toys for them to play with to keep them active and healthy. Looking for such things, we found the Niteangel Small Animal Trio of Fun Balls, they think these are the best toys on earth, they pick them up and fling them to the other side of their cage.


Key Benefits

  • Three-pack of fun and engaging ball toys are ideally suited for guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits and similar furry pets.
  • Each 2.6-inch ball is made from a different all-natural material–seagrass, water hyacinth and rattan.
  • The different materials provide a variety of consistencies and densities for your pet to explore.
  • Contains no glue, plastic or metal, so they’re perfectly safe for chewing, which helps maintain his incisor teeth and overall dental health.
  • The open-weave balls can be stuffed with food, treats or hay to provide hours of engagement and reduce boredom.

There are 4 rabbits and we have them together, mama and her 3 daughters are all that we have left. Daddy and Mj passed away suddenly. So we want them to all live and be healthy so these are perfect for them to play with and have fun. I love that they are not only a ball they can eat them because they are made out of all the things they enjoy, on a regular basis. Nothing makes our rabbits happier than some rabbit toys, for them to keep busy for hours and hours.

You can also try to put some food or snacks inside, it might provoke their interests again, and make it so much more fun for them. Provide hours of engagement as he works to pick the ball apart. Chewing natural surfaces also helps your small pet maintain the length of his incisor teeth and keep them healthy.




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