Small Smartphone Picture Printer

This Small Picture Printer Would Make A Great Easter Gift For Your Tween Or Teen

As your kids get older they get harder to buy for.  I mean, you could go the easy route and get them gift cards, but that gets boring.  If your tween or teen has a smartphone, this is the greatest Easter gift you could give them this year!  Tomy makes KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer and boy is it fun to use.  It prints small “polaroid-like” pictures and doesn't require electricity or wifi.  Can you believe that?  They can take it with them anywhere their little heart's desire.  Are they going to a friend's house?  Going camping with the besties?  This would make socializing even more fun!

Small Smartphone Picture Printer

A Printer For Memories

I'm sure you've seen your teens with their phones.  Not only do they carry it with them everywhere, but they also never look up from the screen!  We all have problems when it comes to our phones and since we have them with us, why not bring along a printer that can print your memories right then.  We also take a ton of pictures, but most of us don't ever do anything with them.  They simply sit there taking up memory which isn't necessary.  Now you can print those beautiful pieces of memory and you can use the physical photo to decorate a wall (or anything!).

Small Smartphone Picture Printer

How Do You Use It?

The KiiPix Printer works by using a mirror.  Weird, huh?  Actually, it's genius!  It's a very simple process and unlike the old printers of the past, you can make sure the photo won't be blurry before you print it.  Here are the easy steps to print your pictures:  Simply open your KiiPix Printer, place your phone on top, push the button, and turn the crank.  That's it!  Your kids will be printing their own pictures in no time at all.  The only thing you will need to do is choose which photos you want to print and it takes a special film (which doesn't come with the printer).  It takes FUJIFILM Instax Mini Film.  You can click on the link, order from Amazon, or find it at many other locations.

Small Smartphone Picture Printer

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