Smart and Easy Tips to Make Moving to Austin A Breeze


Moving to Austin? Well, moving can be a gargantuan task. Add to the fact that Austin has garnered a bad rep primarily due to its notoriously hot summers, high cost of housing, and the infamous Austin traffic. But this former sleepy hippy town has morphed into a bustling metropolis that you ought to consider for your next move. 

In the event that you’ve taken the leap and decided to move to Austin and put down roots, here are smart and easy tips to make this move a breeze. 

Start As Early As Possible 

The smartest tip you can employ is not procrastinating your move. You’ve got to start as early as possible. Start by choosing a target moving date, after which you ought to create a moving checklist. The latter is great when it comes to keeping tabs on what needs to be done in the time between the present and estimated moving date. 

Some of the items on this checklist should include searching for a moving company that’s available to handle the logistics for you during your set moving time. This will require that you do extensive homework to find a reputable, licensed moving company. 

Overall, you want to start early and schedule wisely. Having this schedule in hand a few weeks in advance should help streamline your move to Austin. 

Pack Strategically 

Once you have evaluated the different moving options available to you and zeroed down to one, you want to embark on packing strategically. The latter is essential in that you will basically be packing up your entire life and moving, which, if not done correctly, can be disastrous. 

The first step is to get rid of clutter. This requires that you embark on a ruthless purge of all unnecessary items. Next, consider making a moving folder. This will include all the new addresses, rental or purchase papers, moving contracts and whatever else you require. A hard copy in favor of a digital one would be the best, seeing as you might end up with a computer whose battery might be dead. 

Additionally, start the packing as soon as you possibly can. Packing as far in advance as possible ensures no last-minute rush, which can be quite disadvantageous. 

Stock Up on Supplies 

Just before your set moving-out date, you want to invest in additional supplies. Imagine the hassle that it would be having to run to the store while packing all your boxes? 

Specifically, go out and purchase box cutters, adhesive bandages, packing tape, paper towels, permanent markers, and garbage bags. 

If you’ll be moving larger items, consider purchasing, renting, or borrowing tie-down straps or ropes, furniture pads or covers, and a furniture dolly. If you’ve already subcontracted to a moving company, consider informing them of the supplies and equipment you’ll be needing, subject to what you’ll be hauling. Also consider the distance you're moving from, for example if you're moving from Florida, you want to know what the company is reliable. Make sure they have lots of reliable reviews.       

Choosing the Packing Material 

A consideration that you can simply not ignore is the packing material. 

For starters, you want to use the right size boxes. For heavy items, use small boxes, while lighter items like your pillows and linens could go into bigger ones. 

Consider putting heavier items on the bottom of your box and lighter items on top. If you’ll be loading the truck on your own, pack the heaviest boxes first and optimally, you want to put them at the front of the truck. 

A pro tip would be to avoid mixing items from different spaces in one box. Granted, you’ll likely end up with boxes that aren’t full. In such a scenario, consider filling in the gaps with clothing, towels, or packing paper. 

Finally, consider labeling each box with the room that it will eventually end up in. This labeling should include a description of the box’s contents. You should number each box and keep a detailed inventory list in a notebook. That way, you can easily keep tabs on what you packed. 

Arriving in Austin After the Move 

After the tedious planning, packing and coordinating of the entire move, you’ve finally arrived in Austin! What a relief!  

Hopefully, you packed a first night box separate from the rest of the boxes that you might have independently hauled or moved using a moving company. Once you get your bearing, it’s time to explore what Austin has to offer. 

If you are outdoorsy, Austin is nature-perfect. What’s more, you have vast options when it comes to cuisine. If you move right when there’s the food fest, you are truly spoilt for choice. 

If you are a history buff, you can check out popular historical sites, including the World Famous Congress Avenue Bridge or enjoy the afternoon at the Blanton Museum of Art. Overall, Austin is a cultural hotspot. With a little open-mindedness, you should soak in a ton of culture. 

At present, the Austin housing market is booming, with estimates pointing to an increase in housing prices going forward. You can simply not afford to miss out on the current market trends. 


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