Classic Christmas Carol Books by Smart Kidz

Growing up my mom loved to read to me.  I would look forward to the moments when she would sit with me in the living room and tell me awesome stories or read to me from a fun book. Most especially, my mother loved the holidays. She loved to decorate and take us to church where people were excited about all the holiday festivities. My mom knew all the bible stories, because she was also a Sunday school teacher. So when Smart Kidz Books came out with some classic children’s books, I knew I had to get my hands on them.

Jingle Bells

Smart Kidz has some of the best selling sound books! They are designed with smart technology sound. Children can sing along with their favorite Christmas carol books. I am in love with my two books. The first is Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells is a classic song composed in 1857. The story has been passed down thru generations. One of the special parts of the story is horses being adorned with bells. They had bells so they could get heard in advance at blind intersections. This prevented them not to collide with other's horse-drawn sleighs. The illustrations are amazing! The song is played by pressing the decorative rubber button at the top right corner. It is so much fun.

O Little Town of Bethlehem

I also love Smart Kidz, “O Little Town of Bethlehem”, because this is one of our old time favorites from childhood. The story celebrates the birth of Jesus. It describes who the first visitors were that traveled to Bethlehem to see Jesus. I love it, because the art work and the music with it’s amazing sound quality and light up button feature brings up good nostalgia within me. I read it to my children and they are enjoying every page along with me.

These books are perfect for the preschool classes, because they are hard cover, are fun and vibrant to look at, and energetic as the music makes you want to dance and sing.

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