Hearing your holiday bells ringing any soon? If you have already walked afar with your jet-setting and all, it’s now time to take a look at your packing bucket list. Are you dumped in the pile of your packing list? Just filter, sort and cut it short and nobody is watching you. Trust me, only a light and right packing could give you the best out of your traveling goals, as it’s the one that can keep you at ease with the entire itineraries, weather and airline luggage spree no matter how long it is.

So, now that you already know about the best-kept secret of happy feet and a wandering soul, let’s start packing like a smart traveler. Trust me, you don’t need to learn the rocket science to be an efficient packer. A few simple tricks and you can enjoy full freedom of making or breaking your own rules at packing light which can apply to your unique travel needs depending on the length of your travel and your destination. If you need some smart tips, the sky's the limit. So where to start? Let’s do it one by one.

Grab your perfect case

Have you considered trying the smart, sturdy and stylish lightweight suitcases yet that are the new trampolines for landing all your necessary, miscellaneous and cloth items in one place? With light weights, you will not only save a post-travel backache for yourself but also the long waiting baggage queue by fitting it in the overhead compartments.

Pack the must-haves only

Make sure to keep your packing list concise and to the point. Remember, things packed to the brim will only give you a spilling suitcase over the floors. So, keep all the unnecessary items at bay and keep only the necessary ones like inner wears, swimsuit, a pair of jeans or a two in your range. Remember, things can always change according to the type of your trip. For example, the trekking trip must have listed will be entirely different from that of the riverside camping one.

Pack it in small units

Stay organized with your staple items by keeping them in a rolling shape. This way you will not only save space but will save clothes from untimely wrinkles and creases.

Put the heavier in the bottom

Got a tall list of things to carry? Just keep the heavy things at the bottom and layer them with the lighter ones on top. Eureka! nothing could carry your glider any faster down the airport aisle.

Let your wrong picks not jam your carrier

When it comes to carrying our shoes or electronics, we tend to pack the heavy sneakers, DSLRs in our bags and these are- hands down- the reasons that take half the room of our carriers, no matter it’s the lightweight suitcases or the backpack hybrids. So, why not replace them with flip-flops, mobile cams instead? Makes sense.

Don’t pack fluffy things

Is your dream destination a hill station? Don’t let heavy sweaters, windcheaters or jackets take over your packing case. Pack multiple light items instead that you can wear in alternate layers on different days. Master tip: if it’s winter already, do yourself a heavy sweater.

Hopefully, now you have enough of tricks to outsmart the hassle of packing. Just pack right and light and you will be even more happy like no other while returning with much of your carrier space used for your souvenirs. A happy journey.



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