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Oregon Scientific’s SmartGlobe™

Traveling can be a hassle this time of year. So what better way to trot across the globe this holiday season than from the comfort of your own home?

 Oregon Scientific’s SmartGlobe™ Infinity and Discovery are high-tech educational toys. That allow children to learn about the amazing world around us with just the touch of a SmartPen.

Through games, activities and challenges, the SmartGlobe™ provides hours of educational content, and connects wirelessly to iOS and Android apps for even more interactive learning. Whether your child is a world traveler in the making or just beginning to learn the continents, they’ll be amazed with interesting facts about planet Earth each time they spin the globe.”


I love everything about this SmartGlobe™. My grandkids are very interesting in other countries and other cultures. And with this historical background, learning activities, AND a bluetooth low energy wireless talking SmartPen.


While this high tech toy offers so much fascinating knowledge and dozens of fun and interactive games and challenges. And you can replace the globe with other themed accessory globes. Then you can explore all of the stars and constellations and mysteries of the world.


And you can go online to update your content and keep everything current. Plus you can find different places and make your own notes with your SmartPen. A total of over 2.5 hours of educational content. We have had so much fun “exploring” the world. We pick a place and find out new facts about that specific country. Then we make our own story of adventure. This would be a wonderful gift for any child. Fun and educational – you can’t go wrong with this beautiful globe.

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