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Smartish Gifts That Your Teens Will Love

5 Smartish Gifts That Your Teens Will Love4

Teenagers love having the latest and newest technology gadgets, especially phones. So why not give them accessories to jazz up their phones. Accessories that are easy on your wallet, built to last, and can be personalized! If you are looking for a place to shop that can provide all of the above, Smartish is the place to shop for these accessories. Smarthish is an 11-year old independent company who designs, manufactures and sells phone cases and stuff just clever enough to solve unexpected needs. Read on to find out the top 5 gift ideas that will make the best gifts!

Wallet Slayer

5 Smartish Gifts That Your Teens Will Love

Wallet Slayer Vol 1 & 2 is a phone case that is perfect for travelers, minimalists, and obsessive on-the-goers. There are 3 awesome features that your teenage will love:

  • You can fit 3 cards, plus cash
  • Ultra-light, durable
  • High-Grip textured sides

Dancing Queen – Crossbody Wallet Case

5 Smartish Gifts That Your Teens Will Love3

The Dancing Queen is great for teenagers in high school and college students. It can hold up to 5 cards and cash. So this great for storing your id badge for school. Wearing a dress with no pockets, don’t feel like carrying your purse with you, then Dancing Queen is just what you need. Not only is the strap adjustable, but there are two places where you can store your lip gloss/lipstick. Who will absolutely love Dancing Queen:

  • Fashionistas
  • Alpha Partiers
  • Dance Floor Divas

This crossbody wallet case is also great for moms on the go, especially when you take your kids to the park or grocery shopping.

Kung Fu Grip

Do you have a clumsy commuter, fitness freak, or someone that is a greasy-fingered foodies, then the Kung Fu Grip is for them. The Kung Fu Grip has super grippy sides, protective air-pocket corners, and is very light weight. Protect your teenager’s phone and save yourself some money from having to repair broken screens and/or a damaged phone!

Prop Tart

The Prop Tart is unlike any phone accessory that you have seen. This slim fit collapsible loop and phone grip is a must have! With the Prop Tart, you can easily:

  • Text with one hand
  • Take the perfect selfie because of the awesome grip
  • Acts as a kickstand
  • Sticks to nearly any surface (except for silicone cases)

Cable Wrangler


5 Smartish Gifts That Your Teens Will Love2


The Cable Wrangler is a magnetic cord organizer. This is definitely a must have for anyone that is doing virtual schooling, anyone that works in a cubicle, entrepreneurs, and for the person that has everything. The Cable Wrangler neatly holds your cases on your desk/nightstand because of its magnetic attraction. Magnetic collars are included just in case your cable and charges are not magnetic enough.

Which of these Smartish accessories will you gift to your teen? Smartish accessories are compatible with over 13 iphone and Galaxy series phones.

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