These days if you have a smartphone you can pretty much do anything.  Email, web, heck my child even does class work on theirs.  Everything is at your fingertips and all you need is the right accessory to do other things too, and here are some examples of tech gifts from Hollar that will not break the bank and are all under $10!

Virtual reality is all the rage these days, so the first thing I want to mention is the Deluxe Virtual Reality Goggles. It works with Android and iOS phones and the phone just slides into the headset and locks in place, and you are on your way.  Just download a virtual reality app and you are in business, with just the phone and the goggles.  This is especially great if you want to try out virtual reality to see how you like it and if it is something of a novelty or you like it enough to want to delve deeper.

The next thing is the Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Pod.  This is wonderful because sometimes I like to listen to music while cleaning and do not want to have my phone attached to me with earphones so I cannot hear anything else like the phone ringing or my child calling or the doorbell.  I just plug in the speaker and I can hear it.  It has great sound for a little speaker and it is also great when I have company and want to play some music  – obviously a set of earphones is not going to cut it when you have more than 2 people wanting to listen, and even if there are only 2 people who likes to listen to something with one half an earphone? This solves that problem and everyone can hear it and enjoy it.


Of course, not everyone always wants to hear what you are listening to.  And for those times, you want good earphones. Especially when I am walking I need ones that I can trust not to keep falling out of my ear.  These are also sweat resistant and have a built-in microphone and I can adjust the volume and even play and pause.


Now there is only one problem with smartphones.  They need to be charged.  I know with my last update it seems my battery drains so quick.  This is not good when I am out.  I am always worried that I will end up on low battery so now I always have my power bank handy so I can get a charge whenever I need it without being home.

With all these things you can do with your smartphone, all for less than $10, now is the perfect time to see how you can make your smartphone work better for you.


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