Kids are stinky, smelly and gross especially if they are boys. It just so happens that two of my darling children are boys (not counting their father). Smells are just a thing, from farts to stanky socks and baseball equipment smells are EVERYWHERE in this house. I honestly think my family thinks I am crazy, I am always chasing down some funk I cannot locate. OF course they are nose blind to their ghastly smell so they all roll their eyes at me and laugh as I seek to destroy the smell. With Smelly Proof I can take wet nasties and lock them in a bag so when they forget to toss their stuff in the dryer I no longer have to smell it! Helping me look like a much more sain and sensible mother. Smelly Proof Storage Bags were created to keep odors out of almost any environment and inside the bags where they belong. The bags come in variety of sizes to suit your needs. They are much tougher than regular storage bags. Best of all, Sm elly Proof Bags can be washed and used again lessening our environmental impact.

Smelly Proof heavy duty plastic bags are medical grade, durable, reusable and have locking zippers. They bags are also liquid, moisture & puncture resistant. Smelly proof also has a number of containers so no matter what the job is you can defintly find a smell proof bag or container to help store what you need stored.I decided to put Smelly Proof to the test, I stored an heirloom tomato and a dirty poopy diaper in a bag and then left it in my hot (were talking 90 degrees outside the car 120somthing inside) South Florida Car all day to stew! Not only did I not smell funk when I got in the car but oddly enough the tomato didn't get mushy. SO there you have it, Smelly Proof can can handle anything small or big and is the ONLY bags tested with real live bears!What type of Smelly Proof bags do you want to try? Head over to and then come back and let us know.

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