Smooth, light, dry, sweet, the aroma, the taste on the palate, what is it that I would be talking about? Could it be wine? If you guessed wine you hit the nail right on the head. I am not only talking about one bottle of wine but two wonderful tasting bottles of wine one from Sonoma California, one from Kelseyville California, but no matter what part of California they come from you know you are enjoying a wonderful glass of wine.


Being of Italian descent we always had a glass of wine with our dinner, whether it be white, pink, blush or a wonderful red, we always had wine at the table depending on what my grandmother was serving with that particular meal it was a family tradition. My grandmother always experimented also adding wine to her food, whether it was vegetables, sauce or a good ole pasta dish. Sometimes I want to kick myself that I never learned some of her recipes when she always said watch and learn, and I never did, but I can still smell and, remember those meals like it was yesterday. Wine has always been a big part of our family, to the point of owning my own wine press from the early 1925,s that was passed down to me threw family. 


Chronic Cellars came about in 2004, by Josh and Jake Beckett, two eager young men that had a wonderful dream about bringing something special to us with a wine they say that targets a casual lifestyle. Making wine was always a big part of there life’s from the early 80’s, and bringing it to the public finally in 2008. Chronic Cellars Pink Pedals wine is wonderful besides the wonderful smell when you open the bottle, to the light sweet wine , to the smooth taste it actually tickles the palate. It is so funny when I think about it because I know wine was a big part of Josh and Jake’s life in the early 80’s,  and drinking Pink Pedals, brought me back to the 80’s, it is such a wonderful fun tasting wine, and the craftsmanship on the label speaks for itself, it’s fun! 


Steele Wines has a lot of special wines, I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy a bottle of their Steele Cabernet Franc Rose 2016 bottle. When opening this bottle I found myself just waiting to taste all those wonderful ingredients in it and waiting for it to hit my palette. When finally pouring it and tasting it, it was everything I expected and more, it was smooth, sweet, dry, and crisp at the same time, my palette was going nuts with the over abundance of flavor in my mouth.  The Cabernet Franc comes from the Silva Vineyard which is a few miles from the winery, and the cabernet franc grown there is of exceptional quality. The Silva Vineyard Cabernet Franc is how this rose begins, from the beautiful pink juice that is drained off by gravity, from the yeast that is added to help ferment in a stainless tank at a temperature of 50F, the end result is absolutely amazing. The Steele Cabernet Franc Rose is a seasonal and very limited release and does sell out very quickly with each vintage, and I can totally understand why. 

Whether it be Chronic Cellars Pink Pedals or Steele Cabernet Franc Rose, both wines are wonderful and are each different taste wise in there own way. But both of them aim to please! 

You can purchase both wines through there websites plus other wonderful varieties of their special wines, and I can guarantee they are just as Great!

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