Have you heard about Snagshout, this is an awesome web site that put us the buyer in contact with the seller. Snagshout is different. It is a social marketing platform, which gives your product exposure. Shoppers are encouraged to leave honest feedback for all products they try.

How does this work, you are basically given a special discount code, that will let you purchase a product with a steep discount. Most of these products will work o amazon prime so you can get free shipping. By purchasing this product at discount, you agree to leave an honest review after using it. Don’t leave a review before receiving the product. Snagshout is a marketplace for discovering new products and recommending them to friends and family!

Amazon has strict rules for merchants on how to request reviews; it is imperative to collaborate with a partner you can trust. We provide a service that is compliant with Amazon's Conditions of Use. And we all know that giving reviews that arent right is a big no no. Never pay for a review.

To snag a deal, just click the “Snag It” button on the product page, and check out on Amazon using the promo code provided.* When the product arrives, try it out and leave your honest review. That's it! So far I have snaged three things all at a really good price. This has been a great thing and holiday shopping is a click away.

We ask that shoppers be 100% sure they intend to purchase a product before snagging eat. Each snag that is not purchased prevents other shoppers from being able to partake in these great deals. We will remove a snag once for failure to read over the campaign fully or a change of heart at checkout. Should there be any discrepancy in the promotion at our fault or the merchants, we will certainly remove the snag from your account. You are not obligated to finish a purchase should the promotion not work as advertised.

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