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The sneaky, snacks squirrel card game. This is a very cute and fun game. Gets the children to pay attention and have a lot of laughs. Makayla, Chase and Zachary had played with me. What you do is shuffle the 40 dealer cards and the 40 Acorn slap cards. Then you set them up by separating them and putting the slap card in piles by color. Where every player can reach them. Place the dealer cards face down by the dealer. The youngest player starts off as the first dealer. Everyone will take turns dealing.

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The dealer will turn over cards, face up one card at a time. As the cards are turned over the dealer has to say if it is a Sneaky card or a Snacky card. When a Snacky card is dealt, all the players race to be the first to slap their hand over the pile with the matching color. The first player to slap the correct color card wins that card. Dealer passes the deck to the next player on the left. If a double Snacky card is dealt, players rich to slap one of the two piles or both. When there are no more cards  to be dealt. Everyone counts their cards. The player with the most cards wins. It's a very fun game and very easy to play. For more information click here.


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