Snuggle Puppy

Whenever I go out of town, I know my pet realizes it. I feel that pets have feeling and an awareness when they are in company or not. To me, knowing that I have provided for my pet with enough sustenance for it to feel loved and nourished while I am away, brings me comfort. Besides securing my dog or cat a warm place to sleep, and have access to food and water, I try to think is there anything more I can offer? The Snuggle Puppy is a very thoughtful and cute alternative for my little fur baby.

Plushy that Reduces Anxiety

The Snuggle Puppy is a plushy stuffed animal, in the shape of a sleeping dog. There is a cat version too! It is about the length of twelve inches and is soft to the touch. What makes this Snuggle Puppy magical is that it can pulsate with a heartbeat. The heart beat is meant to stimulate life to your dog or cat and provides a rather soothing effect. The rhythm of the heart is soft and gentle to the ear and it works at reducing your pet’s loneliness, fear, and separation anxiety.

Whenever my pet starts to cry, I offer him the Snuggle Puppy. I feel it resembles my love for my pet. As the Snuggle Puppy even comes with a heat source that can last for twenty four hours. The heat source is a packet that is activated. It is safe and non toxic. You can purchases replenishments of it when needed. The heartbeat device operates off of two AAA batteries. You can shut it off to save energy or allow it to run for two weeks before needing new batteries.

I really appreciate that my dog and cat are not medicated, as I tend to shy away from running to medications to soothe them. My pet is calmed naturally through a heartbeat and through warmth.

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