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The snuggle scent booster. They are concentrated scent pacs. There are 20 of them in the bag. For long lasting scent simply toss one in the washer. The scent is lavender joy. I normally am not a fan of lavender but these smell great. They not only make your laundry smell great but they also make it cuddly soft. I always have use snuggle with every load of laundry.
Snuggle scent boosters are easy and a convenient way to give your laundry a burst of long lasting scent. Simply toss a PAC in your washer at the beginning of the cycle. No mess, no spills. Scent pacs dissolve completely leaving behind nothing but great smelling clothes. You can also use your favorite snuggle dryer sheets.
The scent boosters work very well leaving a great scent and leaving my laundry so soft and cuddly. I love snuggle and all there products. I never do a load of laundry without it. For more information click here.


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