So Fresh, So Clean!

So Fresh, So Clean! This day in time over 50% of households that include both parents and children under the age of 18, both of the parents are employed. With that being said almost everyone can relate that keeping your house fresh and clean with children can be a bit difficult, and time-consuming.

I know in our home we have really dark hardwood floors, and it seems that every time we do find the time to vacuum them, it only takes about 24 hours and they are obviously dirty once again. Between people in and out of the door, taking 2 dogs in and out to potty, and just the normal cooking and living things seem get right back dirty as if we never sweep or vacuum. We recently put in a pool and not having a pool house, means that every time someone has to go to the bathroom they track water and grass through the house.

The Ecovacs Deebot 900 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has been the best product we have ever brought into our home! We literally have not taken our old manual vacuum out of the closet since we took this one out of the box!

My husband actually set it up, because he is the “Danny Tanner” of the house and is always cleaning, sweeping and very OCD about dirt and debris being noticeable on our floors.  Just by downloading an app on your phone you can easily control when your robot will vacuum your floors!

It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and has a 14 inch cleaning span! One thing I love about this robotic Vacuum Cleaning is the fact that it is super quite! Both of our dogs were completely terrified of our regular vacuum and would hide under the bed for hours even after we had finished using it. With the Deebot 900, they never move from the couch while the vacuum travels around the house cleaning each room.

The best part about this Robotic Vacuum is that it does all the work for you, while you are away from home. Meaning you no longer have to lug a heavy corded machine around the house, you don't have to worry about what day you're going to have time to actually clean, or having a clean home for when guest may pop over unannounced.

Deebot 900

This would also make a great gift for anyone that you can never seem to find the perfect gift for. It is great for new moms, pet owners, businesses, and makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, or mothers and fathers day! We plan on purchasing one for my mother in law so that she will no longer have to pay for someone to come weekly and clean her house!

When coming home daily to a freshly vacuumed floor, it is also nice to come home to fresh smelling home as well.

Floral Simplicity makes a ton of different scented sachets! I have a different scent for every room in my home, and one for my car. I personally love the scent of lavender and it really helps me to feel at home and calm. I placed two sachets in my car, one under each seat and one in my bedroom. They smell amazing and the scent last forever!

Floral Simplicity

Coming home to a fresh and clean home without taking my time to accomplish it, is awesome in my book! It even gives me brownie points with the hubby!

Don't spend your precious time pushing around a vacuum cleaner! Let the Deebot 900 do the work for you, and spend more time with your family and making memories! Enjoy coming home to a clean floor and a fresh smelling home from now on!

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