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It’s time for the aches and pains to go away!

Soakees Slip-On

Goodness, the older I get, the harder it is for me to stand up for long periods of time. Why do my feet ache so much, even after just thirty minutes? I have to massage them or soak them in warm water just to make them feel better. After a day out and about, I sometimes fill the bath tub up with hot water and let my feet soak in it to alleviate any pains. But soaking an entire bath tub just for my feet is a bit much. It’s wasting too much water, and I have to put more bath salts that way too, which is such a waste. As an alternative, I should probably use a portable foot bath. I’ve heard of Soakees, and it’s ideal for my needs.

The Soakees is a foot soaking boot. It comes in a pair, and is made of plastic. It has ties to wrap around your leg so your feet can soak right into the booties. Instead of a whole bath tub filled with water, all you need is three cups of warm water. Then you would only need a fourth cup of bath salt in each Soakees. Each order comes with a little bit to get started.  It is such a relief when I get to use the Soakees, because I can find a comfortable spot to sit in at my house, and enjoy the moment of soaking my feet. I can feel my feet absorbing the water and bath salts, and start to feel better. I only use it for five minutes and the achiness I feel on my heels and ankles start to dissipate.

The aim of Soakees is to soothe everyday foot pain. It helps fight foot diseases, like fungus, and circulation. It’s also ideal to use if you have cracked heels, and you want to start off your pedicure by soaking your feet in a Soakee. It even solves smelly feet problems, because all the bacteria and odor are absorbed into the salt and water. I would recommend putting in the warm water and salt first and then slipping your feet into the Soakee. It makes it easier by keeping the mess more contained. My children fight with me, because they like using it too! They think it is fun to use. This is great for all ages, especially Senior Citizens.

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