Sockless Shoes Is All You Need

The weather is becoming hotter down south, and I don't know about you but when I take off my sneakers my feet are so hot. I wanted to see about some kind of sneaker I can use, without having to use socks. It is important to wear socks with anime shoes for the sake of foot health.


Going sockless in any shoes leave your feet smelling, Are there some kind of shoe you can wear and not have your, feet smelling bad. While doing some research I found Lono shoes, these are shoes that are made not to leave your feet smelling bad. Can be used without socks and they are odorless made to use without socks.

Translating organic materials and smart design into convenient, comfortable, and sustainable athleisure shoes. A pair of plant-based sneakers designed explicitly for a sockless and eco-conscious lifestyle.  Thanks to TREE fiber, the natural properties of quick-dryingbreathable, and odor resistance are able to perform on LONOs and translate directly to our feet.

These are the perfect shoes for working out, yoga, running anything you can do and so much more. Put them on without the worrying of your feet sweating and stinking, get to moving without all the worrying. Or you can just take it easy with these comfortable sockless shoes. Walk the dogs, run some errands, take a stroll, relax, and enjoy.

DId you know that tree fiber dries 3 times faster them wool. making this the best material to fight against sweat and odor, other shoes is like putting your feet into plastic bags, imagine that and why our feet sweat and sometimes smell by the end of the day. The key feature of anti-bacterial power from tree fiber prevents foul smell after drying.  So get wet, get dry, and get going!

Wearing these shoes I have found that I love them. My feet are happier without socks and they don't smell like sometimes when we take off our sneakers, from sweating all day. these are the shoes we need.



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