I can't buy ice cream.  Not that I can't per se, but I just cannot predict how it is going to go. It is either feast or famine with me and ice cream, I either eat it up way too fast or leave it sit there.  One of two things happens when I buy ice cream.  It ends up sitting there forever because I am just not in the mood for it and then I end up throwing it away because it is too old, or it goes in a flash and that is not good either because obviously eating a half gallon of ice cream in a day or 2 is not such a good thing for my waist line. Another thing is I love soft serve and obviously I cannot buy that in the stores, and to run out and buy it all the time will cost a pretty penny. There is no happy medium.  Until now.

With the Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine, I can have ice cream in 15 minutes.  This means that on a chilly night when I am in the mood for ice cream and there is none in the house, either because I ate it all or because by the time I got to it I had to get rid of it, no one has to venture out to the store or the ice cream shop to go buy some.  I also don't have to worry about them being closed for the day or night.  It is also great for when I have a houseful, especially kids, and cannot offer ice cream because I do not have enough.  I can make 35 ounces at a time and only 15 minutes and I can start over again.  Never have to worry about running out of ice cream because the next batch is just a few minutes away.

It also makes slushie drinks and milkshakes so I can pretty much do whatever I want with one machine and not three different ones.  And when I have company, I can also make “adult drinks!” No need to drag out my blender.

It is completely automatic and practically self-cleaning, and I think one of the best things is that if I know that I am going to need to have ice cream on hand I can whip it up and it keeps it cold for hours until I am ready to serve it so I do not need to worry about finding room in the freezer and something to store it in.  Unless of course there is some left, which rarely happens to tell you the truth.

I think the best part of it though is the fact that I can make any ice cream that I want to make.  I hear about certain ice cream flavors and want to try them but then cannot find them at my supermarket or maybe it just isn't available here.  Green tea ice cream is one of those things I cannot find in the store and if I want to buy it I have to find a special place and pay a huge amount for it.  That is fairly new but I used to love this flavor of ice cream called Heavenly Hash.  Not sure if you ever heard of it, but it was an ice cream with basically almonds, chocolate chips, and marshmallows.  Now I am not 100% sure I am even remembering correctly, that is how long it has been since I have been able to find it and enjoy it but I still think about that flavor.  Now I can make my own and whether or not I am remembering it exactly right or not, it is delicious!

Check out the Automatic Home Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker for yourself.  It makes a great family gift that everyone can enjoy.  Great news for my readers, they are giving you all a $50 off discount code  AWW50.

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