For me having the softest skin, means a lot to me. For some reason my heels are always so dry and cracked. They are so hard to keep nice and soft for some reason. When I am looking for something I can use that leaves them feeling good.

Carmex Hydrating Lotion has been a life saver for me. Using this I have noticed a lot of a difference in me. he barrier of the lotion lasts for a long time. It really isn't greasy and it smells wonderful.

Very impressed! It does not leave the greasy slime on my hands that other lotions do, it has a light fresh scent with just a hint of the original Carmex, and keeps my dry hands and knuckles moisturized. If you want a product to rescue your dry skin without greasiness or strong flowery smells.
My skin feels awesome. I have very dry skin, especially my feet, and this has helped tremendously. I can't get over how my skin feels after using this hydrating lotion. I can feel and see the difference. Gentle enough for kids, but tough enough to smooth cracks and peeling skin.


Carmex Hydrating Lotion is available in a 5.5-ounce tube. It’s formulated with aloe and vitamin E to moisturize, heal and protect skin from dryness. It has a light, pleasant scent and is formulated for daily healing and moisturizing. Love it and put it on every night and day, Uses aloe at a concentration 200x greater than an aloe plant to help prevent dryness, promote healing, and soothe irritated skin.


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