xxxxxx 001   For this holiday season we can welcome softsoaps's limited edition body washes. Their are 3 new scents. My favorite! The Alpine Mint Frost. Lose yourself in the beauty of winter with Softsoap's limtied edition alpine frost body wash. It's revitalizing scent of cool winter mint will leave your skin soft smooth all winter long. I love this one. It make you feel festa dn the smell is invigorating as you shower. It just relaxes me. xxxxxx 002 The second scent is Parisan berry bliss. This moisturizing formula leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. While the festive scent of red winter berries leaves you ready to enjoy winter. The berry bliss has a nice scent. I like how soft and smooth it left my skin. xxxxxx 003   The third one is Venetian Vanilla Spice. Let the invigorating scent of sweet vanilla and spices infuse your shower and leave your skin soft and smooth all winter long. This is a great one. My son Zachary really likes this one. These three scents are available for a limited time. They are available at Walmart and most retail stores . For more information click here. xxxxxx 004

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  1. I’d love to try the Alpine Mint Frost. Thanks for the review!

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