We have three bathrooms in this house and we tend to run out of hand soap. When I have a chance to give a honest opinion for something I love reviewing I just do.  Soft soap has  come out with some new scents getting ready for the holiday season.




For fall Softsoap brand of products came out with three brand new scents all dressed up for your bathroom or pretty much anywhere you may be in need of washing your hands.There are times when a small accent can make the smallest difference in any powder room. Treat your self to the newest scents.

The bottles have a long, rectangular shape and the pump is pearlescent white:   The design of these bottles to be quite cute and they look adorable on my kitchen and bathroom sinks.  Pretty much any whre you want too.





These new scents are : Wild Basil and Lime Orchid petals, Water Mint & Orchid Petals Scented, Peony & Plum Scented hand washing soap.

Introducing Décor Collection™ liquid hand soap line, beautiful sink accessories that express your personal style and dress up your sink. Treat yourself to an indulgent hand washing experience, with the enticing scent of any of the brand new three scents in a package you are proud to display. Collect all three of our exquisite fragrances from the Softsoapbrand® Decor Collection, to beautify every sink in your home


My husband, and I all liked the Wild Basil and Lime Orchid (the green one). It is a great one for just about anyone. It doesn’t have a heavy scent and it is really pretty neutral. The guys can use it without having to worry that their hands smell like girly. BBW version is kind of strong and overpowering sometimes to my nose, but this one's a bit softer to me. It's one of those fresh, herbal scents that can be unisex without being too masculine, if that makes


The Peony & Plum has the most fragrant soap scent. To me, this actually smells like a combination of cherry blossom and plum, rather than peony and plum. So I think that if you are generally drawn to cherry blossom scents, you might enjoy this one quite a bit. The plum note in this is lovely. Sometimes plum notes in bath and body products can be a disaster and they end up not smelling like plum at all. But the plum in this fragrance has a lush, velvety note to it, and it mixes quite well with the peony (which, again, smells like cherry blossom to my nose). It's not a straight-up floral scent and you can definitely detect that velvety plum–I find it to be a very nice, evenly-balanced mix of the two.

Love this ones smell , not to figure out what one I want in our bathroom ,  3 guys and me share it , cant have it to girly but can I.



Water Mint & Orchid Petals is my personal favorite. (the blue one) It has the a really soft scent that is just really nice and soft.

I absolutely love watermint notes in my bath and body products, and this one is quite lovely. I would best describe this as a fresh, aquatic scent with a mint background. I love this type of combination because I sometimes find straight-up marine scents to be heavy and they can give me a headache, but the mint in this keeps it light and fresh. Like Wild Lime & Basil, this can definitely be unisex but it's not in-your-face masculine. The mint manages to keep it light and fresh, but there's not so much mint that it ends up smelling like a men's body wash.


This one smells as good as the others and not so girly, I am very pleased with the soaps and will have them around for a whole I hope, after you use them you still smell how nice your hands are for a while.
All of these softsoaps are not over-drying like some can be. Softsoap is a favorite brand of mine. They are really affordable and you can pick them up at your local store. For more information click here.



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