Solitaire might be the first game I ever learned where I did not need someone to play with.  There were times my sister refused to play a card game with me which I loved playing cards we didn't have a computer or anything so finding a game I could play by myself was like hitting the lottery.  So much time would pass before I even knew it. I got so engrossed in the game, always playing one more.

Now that I am older, I cannot tell you how much time I spend waiting.  I think my biggest time waster is when my child tells me to pick them up at a certain time, especially from a school activity or club, and I get there and they do not come out for a while.  It is annoying and boring.  I can use my phone and try to pass the time but I really do not want to use up all my data because I am in the car waiting for my child.  I do not get a lot of data and it is shared so the last thing I want is to be spending a few times a week wasting data on games and surfing, unless of course it is absolutely necessary to get directions or look something up, etc.

MobilityWare makes games to help pass the time and I do not even have to carry around a deck of cards with me.  Where would I put them anyway in my car or sitting in a chair? I used to play on my bed or at a table, and obviously that would not work in those instances.  With solitaire always being my little escape and go to when I wanted to pass the time, how happy was I to find a free solitaire app.  Now this took place years ago so I hope my former employer is not reading this but when we first got computers at my job I remember the solitaire game was on it.  I really don't even want to tell you how much time I wasted playing that game.  I would catch other people doing it too. Of course I never got caught and when I caught them, I would never tell them I did the same thing but it really was a good way to pass the time when I was bored at work.   The mobile card game is a perfect way to kill the time while I am waiting, even in a doctor's office which luckily is not as much time as spent waiting for my child but it is still great nonetheless when it does happen. It doesn't even matter if you have an Android device or Apple device because you can find an app for either!

Check out the games for yourself and see how time flies for you and save that data for something really important!!

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