My mom and grandmother have instilled in me the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. I am very grateful to them for that, because it helps me be more conscience of my habits and wastefulness. There are only a finite amount of resources in the world and landfills are filling up with so much waste as well. Plastic has been the most wasteful us humans have been consuming with us as a resource. We are blindly polluting and destroying our planet because of it.

SOL + SPIRIT is a company that is spreading awareness about the environment and  how to reduce plastic use everyday! They are like minded to me as they want to reduce our ecological footprint. Using sustainable goods is one way to do that. So they provide the highest quality, zero-waste eco-friendly products to sustain an environmentally healthy lifestyle.

SOL + SPIRIT offers organic cotton shopping bags to use for the grocery store. They offer produce bags, sling bags, tote bags, bulk food bags, and bundles. My favorite is the one-hundred percent organic cotton reusable produce bags. They are drawstring and mesh. Beige in color and sturdy. The set comes in a three pack, with a medium, small and extra small size. Even though the largest size is a medium, it can generously fit two bundles of bananas. I use the smaller bags for my limes and oranges. The bags can be used for traveling and other items as well.

It’s smarter to use SOL + SPIRIT produce bags versus plastic bags, as plastic bags take a lot longer to decompose. When left out, they flow to the sewage system and end up in our oceans. Many of our marine life, especially whales and turtles consume them. They think they are jelly fish and die from the pollution. It’s our responsibly to be their voice and protector since we are the ones doing the polluting.

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