Somebody Say Ice Cream

There is nothing better than, some cold ice cream on a hot summer day. eCreamery has the best ice cream I have had in a long time. Their ice cream is so creamy that it's the only one I want. When it comes to ice cream my nephew is crazy about it, there has to be some in the house at all times. I am glad I can order and it comes here frozen and fresh.

Everyone is looking for a unique gift to give for the holidays, am I right?  I know I hate giving the same old boring presents, especially if it’s for someone I’m close to.  Let’s think about the one thing everyone loves…ice cream!  Come on, you know the saying “we all scream for ice cream”.  Well, eCreamery is a wonderful company that has the tastiest ice cream and gelato ever.  Not only is it delicious, but you can personalize your order and they deliver it to you.

eCreamery’s Father’s Day 4-Pint Collection includes:

Best Dad Ever – Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

Dad’s Breakfast of Champions – Malted Milk Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Malt Balls and Caramel Swirls

Property of Dad – Double Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Cashew Brittle

World’s Coolest Dad – Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks

Can I just say all these taste so good, never thought these would be bad, they do put a lot of love into all they do and you can tell from the taste?

All these are the best flavors and we simply love how creamy the ice cream is. They come packed in Ice packs and are always still frozen when they come, this time we also received a dozen cookies of all flavors and they are just as good.

If you’re one of those people that only like certain kinds of tastes put together, they have custom flavors.  You can order whatever you want (within reason) and they will deliver it to your door because I know that chocolate chip can get a little boring.

If you’re not interested in their ice cream or gelato, they have cookies and other goodies to choose from.  I promise, there is something for everyone with eCreamery.  Get ready for the holidays and click on the links I’ve provided to purchase your own or a gift for a loved one!

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