Something Old, Something New…

Moving into a new home as a couple can be such a big step. For some it is their first major commitment together, a new venture towards their future together. Others may have been living together for a while but are investing in the long-term buy, choosing their forever home and taking the route away from renting.

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Something Old


If you are looking at purchasing an old property for renovation, this can be a great test of your skills – in your relationship, budgeting and DIY knowledge amongst other things. Have a good look around for secured home improvement loans that may be available to you to help speed up the process. New couples often don’t have much money to go forth with, and an old property is unfortunately something that will demand a lot of both your time and your cash – especially if you are taking it back to basics and starting from scratch.


Something New


A new-build house is definitely a property to consider when choosing your first home together. They are usually covered by a builders warranty for quite a few years, and you have less chance of something going wrong. To add to this, amenities such as plug sockets and power sources are conveniently placed all ready for the modern generation in newer houses, and they take into consideration the type of furniture that we are using today to plan their spaces; this can be great for those who fit the stereotype that the architects were basing it on, which is the majority of younger couples today.

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Something Borrowed


If you can’t afford to buy your own property (and let’s face it – that’s the majority of millennials), renting is definitely an option that you can consider, although most are trying to shy away from it. Unfortunately it’s something that may just have to be done; unless you have parents who are willing to put you up long enough for you to save a reasonable deposit, it’s this route that you will have to take. It can be slightly soul-destroying knowing that you are not investing your money into something that you can keep in the long-term, but it’s something that a lot of people are having to suck up currently. Make sure that you go for something within your budget and that will allow you to save alongside in the meantime.


Something Blue (or Orange, Red, Yellow, Green…)


You don’t have to stick to convention and live in a house. If you are in the right mindset and lifestyle, it could be better for you to live in a campervan, boat or trailer together. It is definitely cheaper, although an arguably harder way of living. You may not have the standard necessities around you that we are so used to living with now, but you will soon find that things like baths, space, continual electricity and central heating aren’t the be all and end all to a happy marriage and life together. You are what makes that.

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