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Something Sensual For Her

Here Is A Sensual Valentine's Day Gift For Her, But Men Will Like It Too!

Valentine's Day has always been about love, relationships, and of course, lovers.  Giving her something sensual to wear goes right along with all of that.  Unfortunately, sometimes your partner will try to be nice by buying her a cute outfit, but it's just not comfortable.  Well, 3Wishes has the cutest Valentine's Day sleepwear and you're both going to love it.  It's comfortable and soft, but it's also sexy.  As a matter of fact, it's the perfect balance of both.  I'm an overweight woman, so I wasn't sure they would have something for me.  To my surprise, they did, but this time I decided to get something for my daughter.  When I gave her 3Wishes Hearts Desire Sleepwear Set, she was so excited!  It's not weird either because it's not risqué lingerie that I gave my daughter.   It's something she can wear to bed, but it has slits up the legs and shows off her little belly for her hubby to enjoy!

Mommies get to be sexy too guys and gals.  Just because she has little ones running around doesn't mean she doesn't deserve to feel like the sexy, sensual woman she is.  This is the same for me.  I'm a 52-year-old grandmother, but I deserve to look and feel sexy and so do you!  Everyone should be proud of who you are and what you have.  Flaunt it and be confident.

It's Time For Us All To Feel Sensual

I've recently been on an app that is loaded with younger, sexy women.  However, the more I use it, the more I see people my age trying to feel confident and showing off our bodies even if they aren't “perfect” or “average”.  I admit that I'm overweight, but I'm still beautiful.  Unfortunately, sometimes when you post a video people will try and shame you for what you look like.  I'm trying to stop this by being proud of myself just the way I am.  I shouldn't have to wait until I lose the weight, or get that job, or find a husband, or anything!  I'm perfect now, today.  So are you my dear, and I hope you really hear that.

3Wishes is all about being proud of your body.  You can see that just by looking at their website.  Of course, most of what you'll see is models but that's how you sell your product when it's lingerie.  They're all gorgeous and so is each one of us.  I can bet this company would agree.

If you're a little bigger than the “norm” or overweight like me, I hope you find your confidence.  Lingerie is for every single one of us!  Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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