Something Special For New Dads

Here's Something Special For The New Dads Out There

Do you know a new or expecting Daddy that's a little freaked out about his new role?  I believe every new parent has reservations about their new roles.  However, there's a nice way to support him by getting a Dad Box by Bump Boxes.  What the heck is a Dad Box?   The Dad Box is a pregnancy subscription box full of products a new Dad might need.  This would be great for any new or expecting Father because it's filled with items such as The Raddest Dad Koozie, a Dad Pad (for lots of notes), Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm, Related Garment Socks, a Practical Handbook for New Dads (Be Prepared), and the book Dada, by Jimmy Fallon.  This is the box that I received.  It's so cute!

Something Special For New Dads

The New Dad Book (Be Prepared)

Be Prepared by Gary Greenberg and Jeannie Hayden is a great book, in my opinion.  It teaches the new Dad everything you could imagine he'd need to know, and then some!  It tells it the way it really is too, which I believe is important.  There's no sugar-coating it at all.  This may scare the crud out of him, but at least he knows what to expect!  He'll read about how to properly hold the baby, keeping baby healthy (by making visitors wash their hands), what to expect from Mom's breast and after-birth body, and so many other great tips.  I love that the book explains how Mom is feeling and why she's feeling that way.

Something Special For New Dads

Great Father's Day Gift For New Dads

Father's Day isn't until June, but why not plan ahead?  A Bump Box (get it? BUMP) can be a wonderful gift for a guy.  Especially because there are lots of Bump Boxes to choose from.  As I said earlier, the Dad Box is only one of them.  They also have a Newborn Bump Box too.  If you decide you're interested, please click on any of the links I've provided and purchase your own.

Something Special For New Dads

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