So many things are going on in June, Fathers Day and so many graduations. What's the perfect gift to get, those special men in your lives? Some perfect candy is the perfect present for anyone. Have you heard of, Truffolie they are some of the most delicious truffles.   The minute you open the book and taste one, you're in pure heaven. They specialize in individually handmade + hand-rolled dark chocolate truffles. These artisan truffles are unlike any other on the market—in that they do not contain sweeteners, save honey in just some of the flavors

Rather, the truffles’ individual flavors are further complemented with unique ingredients including fresh cream, coconut milk, vanilla, nuts, exotic spices, and candied fruits and flowers. With various price points and even an “Alcohol Infused” category of truffles for dads. There are so many to choose from, and it would be hard to pick just one.



7oz of pure chocolate pleasure! Sink your teeth into this delicious Chocolate Bark bar and feel like there’s a Caribbean festival going on in your mouth… 100% vegan




Marzipan married with tamarind and almond buds enrobed in dark chocolate

Matcha Coconut
Coconut with matcha green tea in a dark chocolate shell


CoffEe Walnut
Ganache infused with a rich organic coffee and walnuts, enrobed with dark chocolate and garnished with crushed Walnuts

Irish Cream
Irish cream ganache dipped in a dark chocolate and dressed with white chocolate stripes


A Caribbean blend of spices… (cumin, corriander, ginger, red pepper, cinnamon) and tart cherries kissed with a dark chocolate shell and garnished with pink sea salt.

Marshmallow and almond rocher ganache enrobbed in a dark chocolate and rolled in a confectionery cane sugar

Classic Truffle
A Caraibe chocolate infused with Blueberry vinegar to create a rich dark ganache encased in a Dark chocolate shell, and dressed with Coco powder.

A marzipan ball encased in Caraibe chocolate ganache enrobed in a white chocolate shell and garnished with crushed blanched almonds.

Mint Chocolate Chip
A dark chocolate ganache infused with fresh mint leaves and chocolate chips enrobed in a dark chocolate shell.

Sorrel (Hibiscus)
Chocolate ganache infused with brewed sorrel flowers (hibiscus), encased in a dark chocolate shell and sprinkled with crushed sorrel dust.

The Pearl
Dark chocolate cherry ganache, enrobed in a white chocolate shell and finished with a pearl dust.

Our chocolate truffles are made with the world’s finest gluten-free chocolate. Each piece is hand-rolled and individually hand-decorated. No two pieces are alike.

Every flavor is satisfying, distinct and rich. Some are more explosive and surprising, like the Caribbean Kiss and the Cayenne Sour Cherry, and there is nothing to describe how good they taste. If your looking for that perfect gift or love truffles these are the ones for you.




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