Teaching kids good dental habits can be a chore, to say the least. What is it about brushing their teeth, that drives kids crazy? Maybe it's all the steps the dentist gives them; 45* angle, 2 minutes, left to right, up and down, circular motion, etc. It can be a lot to take in, especially for a child, because let's be honest, there are adults that can't even follow all the rules! Luckily I have found a toothbrush that finally makes my kids WANT to brush their teeth; no more angry looks when mom says it's time! It's the Poseidon children's LED sonic toothbrush from ToiletTree Products.

sonic toothbrush

This sonic toothbrush really is a great toothbrush; It is lightweight, comes in Pink, and Blue, and has a multicolored LED light! The LED light blinks through its different colors, for a total of two minutes; the dentist recommended amount of time! In addition, this sonic toothbrush gives off 16,000 pulses per minute, during that two-minute cycle! As a result, your kids get much cleaner teeth. This toothbrush takes one AAA battery (included) and really gets your kids into brushing their teeth! On my daughter's first use, she thought the toothbrush was so cool, she brushed her teeth for 3 cycles!

Poseidon Sonic Toothbrush

It is so important that kids develop good dental habits early in life because if they don't, they could be plagued by painful dental issues. Two minutes twice a day, plus flossing, and mouthwash can save your kids from dental pain in adulthood. If all it takes is getting kids a fun toothbrush, to help motivate them, then, by all means, get them one. Get them a Poseidon LED Sonic Toothbrush, with its 16,000 pulses per minute, which will help break up the tooth film, and set your kids on the path to healthy teeth!

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