What woman doesnt love to feel like she has a spa, in her home. Having the time to just sit back and relax after a hard day.  Well I have some great news for you, get that realxing feeling from Bed Buddy Hot & Cold, with these convient and  flexible solution to pain relief so you ccan maintain your awesome lifestyle.  They offer you a moist heat and cold theropy solution to all the products they recommend. Any woman would love these as a holiday gift. 


Bed Buddy Foot Warmers

BB_BBF4008-12_Foot Warmers Lavender

Not only are these fragraced with essential oils and natural herbs, they will help you to relax sore muscles, redtoring those all so tired ones and make your sences come alive. All you have to do is microwave them for the heated part and if you want them to be cool, freeze them so they can become a cold compress. When heated they can become a pain reducer, and tension caused ny the simple thing s that bother us, Can be used to reduce swallen feet, and they have real lavender oils that reduce stress and relax you.

Bed Buddy Comfort Wrap

BB_BBF4007-12_Comfort Wrap Lavender

Another great thing to help you relax at home and relieve stress from everyday things, the comfort wrap. Another great product that's  fragrance with essential oils and natural herbs, helping to relieve those sore aching mussels. Place this one in the freezer for a nice cold compress. Making this one a flexible wrap, it stays this way even frozen.

Bed Buddy Relaxation Mask

BB_BBF4006-12_Relaxation Mask Lavender

Simply microwave for soothing moist heat or chill for a cooling compress. The Relaxation Mask can be used warm over the forehead to release sinus tension and relieve headaches or used cold over tired, puffy eyes to relax and reduce swelling. The mask includes an elastic band to hold the mask in place and a satin back for optimal comfort.

ThermiPaq Icy Cold Pain Relief Wrap

Developed by a former NASA engineer, this revolutionary “Theramics”€ compound utilizes radiant energy to create a deep penetrating, therapeutic system cold applications. ThermiPaq's radiant energy offers distinct advantages transferring cold therapy slowly and evenly to your affected pain area. This allows Theramics therapy to penetrate deeper and more effectively.

Whats great about all of these products, is they can all be used either hot or cold. Made to give you some comfort as well as relaxing you from all the stress and pain of the day. Use them at night or during the day when needed. Bed Buddy® Hot & Cold products are a convenient and flexible solution for pain relief to help you maintain an active lifestyle.

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