Oh my goodness! I can not express just how in love I am with this bracelet! Because it is SO perfect! Look at the detail on the beads. Each and every bead is so exquisite and beautifully detailed.  And you have the choice of bangle bracelets, clasp bracelets, clasp bracelets with a stopper, safety chain bracelet or leather bracelets. While some of the charms you can be engraved or customized with a personal photo. And you can choose the size that fits you. No more one size fits all. It truly is designed for YOU.

While I have two “human” kids and one “four legged” kid. And they have the charms that I needed to make my perfect “family” bracelet. While my dog is just a little bit bigger than the dog above. His little tail wags and dangles just like the charm does! I knew when I “designed” this bracelet and charms that I would like it. But didn't realized I would LOVE it so much!

And on the other side are my kids. One boy and one girl! I love everything about this bracelet and design. And they are designed to add more beads or change them to match your outfits.

Because the charms are different shapes and sizes they are easy to design to suit your need. attitude and outfit for the day. With Mother's Day approaching they have something for your mother, mother in law and mother of your children. Or buy something for yourself. While being able to design special bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. You will never have to worry about finding the perfect gift. Because SOUFEEL has everything you could ever imagine. And their products are well made and amazing quality. Did I mention that they are very reasonably priced also?

It is truly a gift that keeps giving. Buy the basic bracelet or necklace and add charms for each special occasion that you share. Or just create a new bracelet or necklace for each occasion. Because you can never have too much jewelry! And she will love you forever for them.

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