If you're a professional musician looking for an at-home office or simply someone with a passion for garage bands, soundproofing your studio should be your first and foremost concern. There are many techniques for soundproofing a room with the cheapest method involving egg cartons and moving blankets. A second method is to essentially build a second wall all along the inside of your designated studio space to capture the sound emanating from the area. A final method is to get a professionally built studio with all the fixings. This article will go over three methods on how to create an at-home music studio.

The Cost-Effective Method

If you’re looking to soundproof a room on the cheap luckily there’s a tried and true method tested by teenaged garage bands since the 50s. To start your soundproofing project you should first select the proper space, a room in your basement will do nicely but if this isn’t possible, try to pick a room that has as little adjoining rooms as possible. Next, you’re going to need enough egg cartons to cover all the walls of your soon to be a studio, so in the weeks leading up to the actual construction of your studio try going by local brunch spots and see if you can take some of their used empty egg cartons off their hands. You’ll also be needing enough moving blankets to cover the walls of the room as well if you can't find any moving blankets look for thickest heavy wool blankets you can find. Once you have all the materials together, you start attaching the egg cartons to the walls of the room, be sure to place the cartons as closely together as possible. Next, you need to hang the moving blankets over the egg cartons to finish the walls. You can also secure a blanket to the ceiling for added soundproofing and if your studio is in any room other than the basement, consider putting a couple of layers of blankets on the floor as well.  

The Second wall Method

If you’ve got enough money to throw at your music studio and want some high-quality soundproofing you can get a little more elaborate with the job. This method entails building a second wall within your soon to be studio so be sure to pick a room that's big enough to fit a studio after the new walls are in place. First, start by covering the walls of the room with a frame to fit the second wall and fill that space with extra insulation. As an added step, according to the experts at https://soundproofcentral.com/ you can also place a layer of acoustics chalk over the insulation to increase the soundproofing in the room. Finally, you need to place a second layer of drywall over the insulation and acoustics chalks to complete the job. If you need any added soundproofing you can always install some pre-made diffusers to the room. 

The Custom Method

If you’ve got a good chunk of cash on hand to invest in your new studio you could always consider getting a custom studio installed with state of the art design. These studios can be built in a room in your house, but if you want a special structure can even be built on your property. These builds start from the ground up and can include one or more recording booths. The contractors will also make sure both your ceiling as well as your floor are properly soundproofed so you’ll without a doubt get zero noise complaints if the job is done properly. An added benefit of these types of build is that your studio won’t only be built with soundproofing in mind, but it will also be designed to optimize the acoustics of the space so your recordings will be as crisp as possible.


Having a home studio is the dream of most musicians, but there are many ways to make this dream a reality. To make a cost-efficient home music studio you can place empty egg cartons on the walls of the intended room and cover them with moving blankets. A more complex method is to install a second set of walls within your soon to be studio and fill it with added insulation and acoustics chalk. A final method is to reach out to a contractor and get a professional recording studio installed with all the latest bells and whistles included. With this information, you’re now ready to start your journey in creating your own studio space and soon you’ll be jamming out with the stars!

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