We are a family that loves their music, and having any kind of devices around the pool can be dangerous. We always have music playing and its from the inside of the house. Always on the look out for something awesome and cool, my brother in law loves anything that has to do with his music. And with fathers day coming I wanted to see about getting him some cool stuff.

Recently I came across the Swimmer Junior Polk BOOM has taken everything you love about the original Swimmer and scaled it down ever-so-slightly with the entry-level Swimmer Jr. Smaller and more budget-friendly, this unique Bluetooth speaker still delivers high-quality audio with plenty of punch and rugged waterproof styling to match. It’s the go-to choice for awesome sound from a super-compact, wireless device that’s as versatile and durable as you are. The Swimmer Jr. boasts a waterproof hard shell and silicone bumper. So, it’s shock-resistant against those drops and spills that are part of any great adventure. Its built-in mic is speakerphone-ready for times when you’re listening to music but want to take incoming calls and keep communication hands-free. The Swimmer Jr. also features a non-removable flex tail, giving you endless opportunities to loop, twist, grip and set it however you see fit. It’s time to access all the sounds you love from your favorite online music services for a portable experience unlike any other. Go ahead—get after it!

This will be great to add to our pool, so that we can listen to our music while being in the pool. Great even for the beach which we spend a lot of vacations on. Designed with the adventurer in mind. Engineered to withstand the elements. And built for durability over the long haul. It’s these unique features that propel your experience of sound to new levels. It’s what inspires you to go big and move forward on the journey with your favorite music in tow—no matter what gets in the way. You want to be able to use a speaker any place and have it to be water-resistant speakers, are the perfect for being outside,

If a speaker can't reproduce that note then I know it's not going to be realistic music. Well the swimmer jr. Hits that note and then some! What a surprise, being as small as it is. But not only can it reach that note, this speaker is very musical, easy to listen to soft or very loud. Did I say loud, it is very but not just blasting out, it's clean and pleasantly intense. Polk audio designers some of the be speakers in the word and they have a certain sound that is warm and detailed but never harsh!

The Boom Polk Swimmer Jr comes with the following

Micro USB to USB cable
Quick start guide
And have the following specs as listed on the Polk website:

Height, 8.89 inches
Product Weight (each), .35 lbs
Width, 2.46 inches
Midrange Diameter, 1 inch
Midrange Quantity, 1
Battery Life, up to 8 hours
Battery Type, Lithium
Inputs, one micro USB input for charging
Total Frequency Response, 240Hz-16kHz
Wireless Connectivity, Bluetooth
Included Accessories, non-removable flex tail and micro USB cable
Labor Warranty, 1 year
Parts Warranty, 1 year

Would you want one of these and why?

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It is also available on target.com


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