Let’s face it – when you are listening to music or watching TV, especially watching a movie, you want great sound.  That’s why theaters make it known what kind of sound system they have, and some theaters even charge more for certain movies shown in rooms with certain sound systems.  I know people who have to have great speakers in their car to listen to their music too, and you are only in your car for a short period of time in the grand scheme of things through the day (usually).  

Speakers connect to your TV, your computer whether it is a laptop or a desktop computer, even your record player (I still have a record player!).  They are compact so perfect for smaller spaces if you do not have a lot of room but want great sound.  Plus it has 2 RCA inputs so you could plug your TV in AND your computer and not have to keep going back and forth (or your TV and your record player as in my case since they are pretty much near each other).   If you want such great sound from your car, why wouldn't you want to have great sound when you listen to music in your house?  If you are willing to spend so much to see a movie in a theater with a special sound system, why wouldn't you want to make your own television sound better every day? Rockit has so many styles in listening and enjoyment, that it's hard to choose the perfect one. 

I know the TVs now have all kinds of fancy sound settings you can choose from, but nothing sounds better than through a set of speakers. Movies, especially the movies with lots of special effects, just lose something just listening to it through the TV.  Hearing it through speakers adds a whole new element.  Music too always sounds better through a great pair of speakers, and I remember having HUGE speakers that really sounded awesome but they took up so much room and I really don’t have that much room that I want huge speakers taking it up.  These speakers are just the right size that I can put them anywhere, even on a bookshelf, and it will fit.  No worrying about making room for them or not having enough room once you have them and them getting in the way.  

The set of speakers have an on and off button, a volume knob, and a knob for the bass so you can have as much or little bass you prefer.  Make whatever you are listening to sound the best it can with speakers that are small in size but big on quality!

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