This necklace is so pretty. I pretty much wear it 24/7 except in the shower of course. I have been getting a lot of compliments on it since I started wearing it.  The necklace is a tiny glass bottle with a tiny crescent moon charm dangling inside. There is also a tiny scroll inside that can have a personalized message on it or a pre-written message. The scroll can actually be removed from the bottle and opened up so it can be read by the person that it is given to.

Love is Patient Love is Kind Jewelry/ Corinthians 13/ Bible Quote Necklace. Message in a Bottle/ Religious Jewelry/ Silver Chain/ Custom


Cute necklace with miniature bottle charm with a scroll inside with the words to 1 Corinthians 13
Love is Patient, Love is Kind

Necklace is adorned with a silver bird charm, a shooting star charm or a silver key charm, or if you prefer no charm at all

This necklace would make a great gift for your bride to be or for your anniversary.
Keep your love close to her heart as a reminder of your love every day.

You can choose from two pre-written messages. 1. “Love you to the moon and back.” or 2. Live my the Sun, Love by the Moon.” Or a special message can be written inside or a joke can be written instead for your loved one or also your favorite bible passage can be written on the scroll instead. Whatever you would like. Will be done for you. You just have to let them know what the message is going to be when you order this necklace for a one of a kind piece. I won't say what was written on mine but suffice it to say that I absolutely love my necklace and will cherish it the rest of my life. I know a few ladies in my life that I will definitely be giving this necklace to and each one will have a special message pertaining to each individual person.

I just think it is so romantic to find an actual message in a bottle that came from who knows where from who knows who to who knows. I know that I will cherish and admire this necklace for years to come. I will be handing this necklace down to my daughter if I don't buy her one for her own first.


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